Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Finder's Way

The Finder's Way

A woman and a man walking in a straight line meet. 
They lock eyes, and then clasp their hands together.
They eat fruit, and farm vegetables for themselves to eat. 
They build a house of wood, to shelter each other from bad weather.

They have children whom which they raise, and spend time.
 They collect animals and minerals, and berries of all kind. 
Eventually they are, a FULL FAMILY of 9. 
And even sing songs in the evenings, if they have time.

One day they decide to see the ocean. 
They pack up and ready themselves for a trip. 
While walking they meet a family, also full of kin. 
Under a campfire's light they laugh and they sit. 

Upon reaching the shore they see people galore. 
Men and women with their children, they fit right in.
They asked the people if they could fit any more.
They all were belated and greeted them with a grin.

Everyone was happy, and productive and gay. 
Sometimes they would fish and sometimes they would play. 
Sometimes families would fight and some children would cry. 
Some people got old and some of them died.

But others were born that stuck by there side.
Living harmoniously with those, in whom they confide.
They shared in their toil; their work and their play.
They shared fighting dangers, like bears side by side.

Not a soul would go hungry that for sure one could say. 
Until someone found a block of golden clay.
The finder picked up this item he saw.
He held it up high sending his peers in awe.

Not a mouth was closed shut, every retina in sparkle.
Every man, woman and child stood and looked at the marvel.
The finder put the block on display for the people to see.
Until the finder decided, "It is only for me."

So only in the house could the gold clay be found.
A price people paid to witness it from all around.
They paid in fish, and in wood, and in services 2.
They bent to his will every week for a few.

For safety of the gold object, he built up a mound.
With a gate built around, he was high up off the ground.
The GOLD, it was molded into a crown.
The people below visited with gifts, to this finder they were bound.

The finder dictated what people did, and when.
If they listened resources, would be shared with some men.
Children praised the crown and prayed for its graces.
Women kissed the hand of the finder with teary faces.

One night 3 young boys went up to the mound.
And awoke the finder trying to take the crown.
In the morning the the crimes of these boys were expelled.
And those boys for there charges were roughly exiled.

The people lived in fear, but still loved the finder.
Because he would punish those who spoke against him as a reminder.
The power the crown held made them bow under its spell.
The finder fed and clothed, them and then told them of HELL.

Hell was a place were all people would go, if they didn't obey, and paid what they owe.
Mothers told children, "Never forget to see the crown!"
In drones, on command the people came to know.
What they had to do to stay away from HELL's HOUND.

Men, Women, and children lived by the Finders Way:
"Let the crown be your guide, and you may have a golden day."
The Finders words... The Law- as in rules to be followed.
They were transcribed onto paper, and selected people lived as models.

As the finder grew older it was known his time was near.
What had to be done was evidently clear.
A sitting son of the crown, took a whisper into his ear.
He was urged to listen carefully, for these thoughts were held dear.

"The trick to the crown is not what I found. It is clay with paint that is not even profound. The trick behind people is to play at their emotions. After catching their attention just stay high above their ocean. When they wonder, and ponder, and think and contemplate tomorrow. CRUSH them with FEAR, GIVE them gifts, and WARN them of hell's sorrow."